Our Craftsmanship

Craftsmen pour indefatigable passion into SAROME

Sarome lighters are not mass produced by machine, they are nearly handcrafted and assembled by hand for quality and longevity. Being a Japanese manufacturer for smoking article, Sarome continues this tradition in manufacturing cigarette lighters since its establishment at the early Showa Era (1940).

We will be happy if you can understand even a fraction of our passion and persistence to the lighters through the introduction of the scenes of the company at the time of establishment, photos of the founder, and production process of SAROME lighters.

Background behind the establishment of Sarome

SAROME has been steadily continuing manufacture of lighters under artisan spirit ever since its foundation. You can see photos of factories and products taken from its foundation until 1970.


The history of SAROME is introduced together with some pictures.

Craftsmen at work

You can see how lighter craftsmen are working at SAROME factory.

Stubborn Kunijiro

Introduction of Kunijiro Segawa, the founder of SAROME, who continued to make lighters as a craftsman for 60 years

Lighter manufacturing process

Photos are shown to introduce the lighter manufacturing processes.

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